Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daily Gratitudes

I am thankful for the rain because my flowers were thirsty and needed a drink. I love how it makes any indoor place seem warm and cozy.

I am thankful for yesterday in NYC. I had a yummy breakfast at a diner, saw Where the Wild Things Are and ate french macaroons. Later I played card games and drank red wine while it rained outside then went and ate pasta at this cute little Italian restaurant down the street.
My belly was stuffed!

I am thankful for blazers for making any outfit look instantly more hip and put together

Monday, October 26, 2009


Kristyn April

Jewelry designer Kristyn April, founder of Kristyn April Designs, creates one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry and accessories using primarily recycled materials to bring original works of art to your world. What started as a hobby while Kristyn worked as a make-up artist in NYC for 4 years has become a lifestyle for the designer, who returned to Philadelphia this Summer to bring her works of art to “the city of brotherly love!” To inspire her designs, Kristyn thoroughly explores antique stores and estate sales for vintage treasures, which she then deconstructs and reworks to form new, truly unique "green" pieces of wearable art.

“I love the idea of fashion as art. In my opinion, jewelry is the most expressive part of a person’s wardrobe. From a locket with your parents’ pictures to a bracelet you acquired on a spiritual journey, or a symbol that speaks to you in some special way, it has always been interesting to me to see how jewelry can really touch a person’s soul. I love that I can express myself by making what I like and someone who has a completely different style than me will adore that piece just as much—or more— than I do—because it speaks to them. I will design something to be worn one way and someone else picks it up and wears it differently. The piece now shadows part of that person and that is what art is. A part of someone that they are trying to express.”

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The beautiful faces<3

Karen's personality and energy is awesome! Just imagine the song "Girls just wanna have fun" thats her!! She is wearing medium coverage foundation with a bit of EMU oil and an UMBER colored bronzer to warm up her complexion.
We did a sheer tinted lipstick to just give a nice romantic pop of color to her lips
Deep brown eye pencil is a SERIOUS must have for green/hazel eyes. It has just the right amount of red in the brown color to make eyes look killer.
She looks so natural but completely hot. I hope her and her husband got a drink that night!

April, I adored right away because of her name :) and then started to like her more and more as we talked! She lives in Philadelphia and rides around on a vintage Schwinn<3 I miss those days and my bike!
We focused more on eyes but really kept her skin looking clean and healthy. We used medium/light coverage foundation with grapeseed oil and BEAMING on her cheek bones to give that super healthy skin look.
For eyes I of course started with magnetic eye (best shadow base in the world) and used FOOLS GOLD on the lid to pop the gold specks in her green eyes. I used TRUFFLE in the crease and a little underneath her eye to really enhance the shape!
GAZE lipgloss!!! looks unbelievable on everyone and is super natural!

I seriously enjoyed spending time with these two lady's. If only everyone brought such good vibes I'd be smiling all the time!

if there is anything here you would like to try: to order

Saturday, October 24, 2009

the other side

Last night a medium my mom had been waiting over a year for came to our house to do a group reading. Ive never experienced anything like this. I wouldn't even be able to tell all the stories of who she connected to last night and how dead on she was.

You may think it's a crock-but if you sat in that room and experienced this and still did not believe then something is seriously off in your brain.

Don't let her fool you with her down to earth Italian philly girl vibe... this is the real deal

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mini Fashion Show at Kristyn April Designs/Loft

Kristyn April Designs jewelry and GIELLA cosmetics
Vintage accessories
1. South Main Street
Yardley, PA 19067

Make-up by Katrina Barrion
GIELLA cosmetics
Hair by Tara Higgins

Sunday, October 18, 2009

one fine night

It was a GRAND opening.

Dana knows me well- she brought a bottle of campaign (the good stuff) to calm my nerves while we got the place ready for the party!

Thank you to everyone who was there or wanted to be there. I met some wonderful people and got to see old friends so cheers to that!


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last night was a rough night for me. Every worry and doubt I had came into my head.
I guess we all have days like these, right?
I'm glad it happened because as they say after the storm comes the rainbow. (click)
(I think they say that, if not they should!)

A night like last left me with nothing but hope for today and it ended up being a wonderful day! First I met awesome people who had the greatest things to say about my shop. One lady, Hershie Segal described the shop as a "hidden treasure!" It is such a compliment. I met a couple of the local business owners like Black Eyed Susan (an amazing interior designer with a shop full of beautiful goodies) , and O So Inviting (a fantastic invitation shop with people who work there as sweet as the candy they sell). I am thinking of doing a lipstick line with lipsticks named after some of the local business's.

Katrina came in from NYC to help me get things together for the party and to offer her creative ability to make anything look amazing and her great ideas. She is such a breath of fresh air and I forget how much I miss her. I worked with her at Bendels for GIELLA for 3 years and she is extremely talented plus we just mesh so well. She can create style from anything. We feed off each other and I really trust her opinion.
The other day Cari was visiting from Wisconsin. She did the displays for the windows and the store in Henri Bendel and has such an amazing eye. She came in and whipped that place into shape! I barely knew her before we came roommates the last couple months we lived in New York and we clicked right away and I know she will be in my life forever one way or another.

How lucky am I to have such amazing and talented friends willing to extend themselves?

The girls I work with at Face and Body spa are so great, they truly care about giving the best service possible for their clients. Heather the owner cares more about her employees well being then her own! Very inspiring.

I am also grateful for this beautiful weather and listening to Astrud Gilberto on the drive to my boutique.

This is what I see.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

From Scratch

I am sooooo grateful for the weather today!! Its so beautiful outside but it has been a slow weekend here a the shop. I'm nervous!! I can't be though, only positive thoughts! I am incredibly lucky. I'm thinking of naming the place "From Scratch." I'm 99.9 percent sure so I hope you all like it. Everything I sell is handmade and I make the cosmetics from scratch which is incredibly unique so I think that name is fitting.

It smells like fall, like football season and apple cider.

Tresha, Tara and I did a bridal party (hair and make-up) at the Hyatt in Penns landing yesterday. It was beautiful and the girls were all very cool and down to earth. This has planted some inspiration, for a bride who wants to look bridal but wants something different. From Scratch (sounds good huh?), is a great place for brides. You can get EVERYTHING you need here. I have a photographer I work with, I of course offer Make-up application, hair people, beautiful jewelry and accessories made specially for brides, spray tan a nice natural healthy glow, get your brows up to par before the big day, relax with a massage or couples massage, manicure and pedicures and don't forget your skin and leave out my favorite facials!! Book the whole shop for you and your girl friends the day of. We can have champagne and strawberry's while you get ready, or if you prefer a pot of tea! Just talk to me and we can come up with a price for everything your looking for!