Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall make-up done right

Smokey Eye and Nude lip are always in  and different variations work well for all complexions.
This season you see suddle hints of greys, golds, truffle and burnt orange mixed in with the traditional black. Always line the inner rim with black.
For a beautiful NUDE lip try a new color I just made for myself called DOE by GIELLA.
It's a very creamy lipstick, mine has peppermint and is almost identical to the lips in the first photo

Blush color PETAL

Bare eyes or eyes with a suddle hint of taupe eye shadow with a nude lip or a very bright pop of color on the lip. Reds are always big for the colder months. If you get the right one for your complexion it can wake up your whole face. This year we are seeing more firey orange tone red lipstick. 

Finally my favorite look. (because it was done by me, haha) Merlot color lip with earthy brown eye shadow and a combo of bronzer for a contour and petal blush. Fill in the eyebrows and use a matte powder or concealor as a highlight almost in a boomerang shape under the eye and on the very top of the cheek bone.

For any of these colors, click the links and email me and I will have them shipped right away.
Remember that not every look works for every person. Feel free to email me for an appointment to create the look that is right for you right from scratch. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The new NUDE

We have been getting a lot of buzz around this new color: Greige.
The perfect nude color for your toes and nails. When you are tired of the French, pale pinks and not ready to wear the dark blackened colors for winter, Greige is the perfect color that goes with anything.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion Week

So yesterday I had a crazzzy day! I closed shop at 4, ran to LOVE ILLUMINATI where they gave me an awesome outfit to wear for the NOIR fashion event in Chelsea, NYC. I finally arrived around 11pm.

CHECK ME OUT. 19 Most stylish people at NO!R fashion event

Had an amazing dinner (at around 12:30pm) and then off to bed.

Train ride to Trenton and car ride to the shop and I cant wait to hit the pillow tonight!

Find the necklace I'm wearing here

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mixing New with Old

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Modern Romance: Five Fall Faves I Can't Wait to Pair with Vintage

With the release of September Vogue and the buzz about New York Fashion Week, who isn't jumping at the thought of what's new for fall? Here are my top five picks for new digs that will really make your vintage pieces rock.


Stand tall in your favorite printed frock with a pair of wedges by a man who will never dissapoint you:Wakefield Wedge, by Sam Edelman. 

Add an edge with studs and a touch of sweetness with sparkle! Find this ring and more awesome designs at the Center City Boutique, Shimmer and Spice.

A basic black over-the-knee boot paired with tall socks and a cozy sweater dress will add a touch of sass to casual Friday: Davie Flat Over-the-Knee Boot by Dolce Vita.

4. STAPLE SHADES Can't go wrong with a classic: The original Ray Ban Wayfarer 2140.

Cozy up your toes in adorable anklets and tall socks this season.

Pair with your thrifty finds and you'll set the style standard for vintage lovers everywhere!