Friday, July 30, 2010


When you have just opened a boutique things are tight. Didn't have money, models or a photographer so we had to make do. The jewelry is stunning and so is Tara so it doesnt take much. So SO excited to introduce to you SANDY HYUN. I am starting to bring in designers that I love and really make SHIMMER AND SPICE represent me. It's exciting.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blue Eggs

Why hello there,

At this point I had been blogging more on a monthly basis then on the regular. I am going to make it part of my job to start up again, because it is :)

Ah life...

I've been loving it. What a great summer it had been, the shop it doing great and I have been able to see my friends more often. My friend Cari was just here with a great new business idea that she should of done YEARS ago.  I will be blogging about this more when she finishes her website. It consist of styling wether it be your furniture, wardrobe or way of life. Actually we call it EDITING. She is great at that!

While she was here we were talking about how her mother back in Wisconsin is getting a couple chickens that lay BLUE eggs then selling organic, free range blue eggs. I'd buy them just so that every time I crack one open in the morning I get to see that color blue. Why are eggs so awesome and beautiful?

My favorite color pallet
Blue eggs and feather earrings...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I have had many people ask me the same question-

What to wear to a "creative interview?" 
A creative interview can be anything in fashion, publishing, advertising, music, art design or anything in that realm. 

I came across this great article in Refinery where they offer superb suggestions. 

What To Wear To A Creative Interview

By: Jessica Minkoff & Connie Wang

Your portfolio is full of great stuff, your resume is polished to a T, but your dream job at that creative studio is still one interview away. What to wear? If you're looking to snag a job in publishing, advertising, music, art design, or something of that ilk, you're going to want to want to prove that you've got the discerning eye that's just right for the position. And even though what inside your head and books should prove your worth, make your interviewer's task a little easier by rocking an outfit that'll convince 'em you can dress for success. The same rules of professionalism still apply: Nothing too tight, short, sheer, or revealing, but you've got a little wiggle room in terms of creativity. Got an interview in a more strict environment? Check out our guide to what to wear to a corporate interview. Our rules to creative interview attireand some suggested looks, below!

what-to-wear-to-a-creative-interview-1.jpgAbove, clockwise from left: ASOS Boyfriend Blazer, $92.65, available at ASOSTopshop Smudgy Heart Shift Dress, $90, available at TopshopDara Ettinger Chelsea Ring, $80, available at Urban Outfitters;Loeffler Randall Fifi Ankle Bootie, $625, available at Loeffler Randall.

1. Mix in one professional item—Whether it's a blazer, a plain pencil skirt, or a pair of trousers, one smart piece will anchor the rest of your outfit together so it looks like you got dressed up to go to work, and not dressed up to go out.

what-to-wear-to-a-creative-interview-2.jpgAbove, clockwise from left: Belle by Sigerson Morrison Cutout Suede Ankle Boots, $295, available at Saks Fifth AvenueFenton/Fallon for J. Crew Necklace, $225, available at J. CrewEquipment Classic Blouse, $174, available at Revolve ClothingLOFT Animal Spots Pencil Skirt, $69.50, available at LOFT.

2. Opt for pattern—Though you don't have to dress yourself like a Magic Eye poster, choose to wear one colorfully patterned item so your palette isn't all neutrals and darks. It's a way to create a memorable impact without being distracting.

what-to-wear-to-a-creative-interview-3.jpgAbove, clockwise from left: Deena & Ozzy Covered Stud Flap Satchel, $68, available at Urban Outfitters;Anthropologie Goldberg Bangle, $98, available at AnthropologieBoy By Band of Outsiders Pleated Pant, $254.10, available at La GarconneRepetto Ballerina Flat, $385, available at Opening Ceremony.

3. Have fun with jewelry—Whether it's a great ring, a statement cuff, or a trendy necklace, amping up the look with a piece of jewelry is a way to show that you pay attention to the details.

what-to-wear-to-a-creative-interview-4.jpgAbove, clockwise from left: Topshop Vanity Woven Satin Pumps, $50, available at TopshopTheory Luala Dress, $325, available at TheoryKnT by Kova & T Striped Blouse, $68, available at Urban Outfitters;Cambridge Satchel Company Red Batchel, $128.97, available at Cambridge Satchel Company.

4. Carry a satchel—If you carry a bag, carry a bag. Wimpy clutches and teeny shoulder purses look fussy, so keep your portfolio in a large satchel bag that you can also use for after you get the job!


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