Monday, June 29, 2009

Well I had a great weekend, full of fun with out of townees visiting and old friends!

Ive been hearing people talk about the Tiffany's new skeleton key necklaces and it makes my blood curl!! The point of a skeleton key is to wonder what doors this key may have unlocked, how old it is, and know your wearing a piece of the past.

I make this necklace to have an industrial feel, but a bit of girly flare in the back with the ribbon. Its really quite charming on.

I wish everyone a great Wednesday and if you are interested in this piece shoot me and email!

Friday, June 26, 2009

What a day...

Yesterday was a strange day!
I was in the sun all morning and I came in at 3, laid on my bed and was out till 9!! I was giving myself the day off, but wow apparently I needed it!

I awoke and when I looked at my phone to see the time, one of my friends informed me that Michael Jackson had passed! I know there is a lot of controversy around this man but whether you loved him or hated him, he left his impact on the world. I remember being a young girl and LOVING him! One night he had a late concert series on TV (prob 9pm) and my mom let me stay up to watch! So here is to the Michael Jackson I choose to remember.....

On another note-

On June 7th I posted "Babycakes" where I was mentioned how my friends have inspired me to create those adorable pendants. They are a great way to represent your little babycakes in a more updated way. They make fantastic gifts for new moms as well!
A couple of weeks ago I wandered into Bundle, Soho NYC to get a baby shower gift for Gretchen. Allison (owner of Bundle) helped me pick out the cutest little baby boy outfit! I mentioned my pendants to her and after she saw them she decided she would love to sell them in her store!  Click on the link and you will see both the outfit I purchased and my pendants- Here!
I leave you with the song I danced in a dance recital when I was younger and "rocked" around the tree the opposite way of all the other "rockin robins"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Urban Outfitters shoot I did


Kristyn April on Make-up
Megan Kramer on Hair
Tara Higgins assist on both


My Inspiration for today

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Giella Parties


custom blend cosmetics

Sold exclusively at Henri Bendel


Throw A GIELLA party at your house and receive $50 worth of free cosmetics!

must have 4 people to throw a GIELLA party

Have you been wanting to get the girls together but need a good excuse? Now you have it! 

Hang out and relax while you get your makeup done. Each color designed just for you!

Will be customizing looks for you with GIELLA cosmetics which you are welcome to purchase. When purchasing, the cosmetics will be made per person and shipped free of charge as a complimentary service add on for  the parties. To order e-mail Kristyn at

“If beauty is your thing, look no further. NYC make-up artist, Kristyn works with GIELLA products, sold exclusively at Henri Bendel in Manhattan. Custom-made, custom- color products, GIELLA’s are one-of-a-kind cosmetics made especially for each client. Kristyn creates each color for her customer, plus applies makeup for special occasions. 

Follow Kristyn on her blog and for more information, email Kristyn at”

Sunday, June 21, 2009

french macaroon

Here it is. 
Please comment on the blog and help me think of names!!!

So far we have:
"bon afique"

for the whole collection.

Here is what people have come up with for each additional...
"marzipan for the beige color
the dark blue (center front of photo) looks like blueberries, you could go french and call it myrtille (blueberry)"

Anything else guys??

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What goes around comes around!

I must say thank you to all the supportive people I have in my life! Today went from 0 to 10. I am completely inspired and can't wait for tomorrow!! 

I want to introduce you guys to Rikkianne, she is a super sweet gal who makes amazing things out of natural material. My fav are the adorable baby and children's clothing with  a calender with the date of birth circled on it! Perfect to go with my pendants!!

here is her blog:

ps. I am going to make a nail polish set the colors of those beautiful Macroons below!!
Get ready for the collection!!!!

-And please feel free to invite friends to join and follow the blog- again i really appreciate the support!

make it happy

So today is kind of a bad day.  I woke up and had to bring my doggie to the emergency vet! Hes having extremely bad stomach problems. Lets hope he's better by tonight!

My account that I had in Doylestown decided they don't want to have me there for some reason. It really does not make sense because they just gain clients and money and have an exclusive make-up brand and don't have to pay anything just make commission off what I sell. Not to mention all of the business I would of brought in because I'm in love with networking and meeting people! I went to her place first because I used to work there and its a beautiful space and I would love to help it blossom! Well now its time to start looking for smart business people who would want to work together with me! Time to make this a happy day! If anyone knows a boutique or spa owner, let me know and I would love to meet them! Trust me there is nothing out there like this make-up line!
Some things I love to cheer me and you up on this rainy day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


For those of in PA or the surrounding area 
I am offering a new service!!

The service is called NIGHT ON THE TOWN and will be held at La Spa Arabesque in Doylestown PA!

Economy Special

Service includes:

Mini Manicure
Mini Facial
Make-up application

$75 per person
Minimum of 5 people

Feel free to bring a bottle of wine and enjoy yourself while you get pampered. After you look glamorous go out for a NIGHT ON THE TOWN!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GIELLA has come to PA!

Message me to get info on how to get your make-up customized for you!

Giella is a mineral cosmetic line that gives me the ability to create and customize any type of make-up, to be any color and texture you desire!

Have something discontinued? It can be re-created!

Need a particular lipstick or gloss color to match a dress or a nail polish to go with your new bathing suit? It can be done!

Can't find the perfect gift? You can buy empty components with a card explaining that your friend come back and get everything customized specialy for them!

Will be working out of La Spa Arabesque.

Kristyn April (click on my name once you reach the site)

GIELLA custom blend cosmetics

Mojito Lipgloss

A very sheer green color just looks like juicy lips!

Peppermint flavored sheer green gloss with subtle hints of white glass shine!

Refreshing addition to any lips!


June Promotion: Buy 1, Get 1 Free! Contact me for info on ordering!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Two of my very best friends have a bun in the oven. They are creating people in their tummy's. wow.....
How adorable are they? They have inspired me to create custom necklace's as a gift for new mommy's. It will be the baby's name and date he or she was born metal stamped onto a brass pendant. I will have a swarovski crystal the color or the baby's birthstone hanging with the pendant.  (neither of their child's name is Tyler haha)  Love you guys! You will be the best mommas.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Bijou

This type of necklace is one of my originals and one of my favorites. This and the stamping are the only pieces that are not one of a kind as of now. 

Even with these, something on the necklace is usually different. They are made with vintage chain so the chain will sometimes vary. This chain was found in a thrift shop in the lower east side. It was bright gold when I first bought it.  The color you see is from a chemical darkener. The chain is then waxed which seals the chain so you can't have an allergic reaction if  you are usually allergic to certain metals. 

Brass chain, swarovski pendants 

Let them eat cake

 My inspiration for this piece was clear: 
I am in love with this movie. For those of you who know me personally this movie seemed to be made to make me happy. (besides the fact she gets hung at the end hah) They must of  been really paying attention to detail in the making of this film. It made the story seem sexy, and its not. haha  Price- $64.00 

Life is pink


I adore flowers.

These are flowers picked and dried from my backyard!


Its fun for me to create with all types of fun jewels and charms but my favorite things to buy and wear are personalized and plain. I LOVE stamping because it gives that "hardware" look and you can personalize it to mean something or represent something to or about you. 

Almost all the chains and pendants you will see in this and the next couple posts are brass material that are soaked in chemicals to discolor and then sandpapered for an older look. After that they are stamped, and the letters are painted black and glazed. 
I have all different shapes and sizes although I think these pieces look better when kept small and simple.  At $48.00 this is one of my more affordable pieces and is a great way to represent anything that means something to you, a date a baby was born, or just something you want to keep close and remember always.  Now NYC is in my heart forever.

The time is always now!

Long time,
Since starting this blog I've gone though so many major drama's both good and bad so its kept me from moving at the pace I had intended. 

Well I have officially moved to Bucks County, PA. 
I have had more time and felt more inspired to create so I will post
Please let me know what you think, if you are receiving this in an e-mail i would appreciate it you would go to the blog and comment!

Thanks for everyones support over the past 6 months