When I first moved to NYC I was working as an assistant spa director at Mesh Spa. This was a 6,000 sq foot spa that had 4 different skin lines. When I was doing facials I would continuously use Naturopathica. Its organic and had the best results, not to mention the fact that it is scrumptious. My favorite was the pumpkin enzyme peel, but now it is tied with the seaweed mask.

    DIY Day: Detox Shower from Naturopathica


Good morning, lovelies! It’s sunny here in Minneapolis, and I’m feeling especially light after reading this quote from Barbara Close, an esthetician, herbalist, and the founder of Naturopathica, a boutique line of holistic, ECOCERT-certified skincare:
I did not begin what I would call a skin care regimen until I was well past college. Secondly, I am far too passionate about good food and wine to ever conceive of being a purist. For me, the judgmental all-or-nothing extremes we can reach as health enthusiasts can be a bit puritanical—and leaves little room for living.
How refreshing is that? I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted from trying to be perfect. Here’s a woman whose life’s work is making people feel healthy and beautiful, and even she isn’t a vegan. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Barbara also shared this this stimulating shower treatment to try at home:
Benefits: Eases muscle soreness by flushing out lactic acid build-up.
Product: Alpine Arnica Bath & Body Oil
Directions: Pump ½ tsp of oil onto damp washcloth and rub entire body briskly. Alternate hot and cold water (1 minute hot, 15 seconds cold). Repeat cycle 3 times.
Right now Beauty Bets readers receive 15 percent off all purchases at Naturopathica.com. Use code abetterbeauty at checkout. I like the cushiony Oat Facial Polish, and really want to try the Pear Fig Polishing Enzyme Peel—because you know how I feel about peels.