Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sneak peek...

Here is a sneak peek......

Friday, July 24, 2009

I have been holding off on working with a lot of ribbon and yarn in my jewelry because I have seen Vera Wang and LuLu frost using it a lot....

I'm giving in....I want to create art that describes me and
 I feel this puts the finishing touch on.

.... photo's coming soon
Speaking of ribbon and yarn.... 
Bowie just strolled in while i was watching a movie wrapped up in yarn...
here is my new favorite artist from NYC Lissy.

what do you think?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Awesome Blog Post!!

So for those of you that are new moms and are not aware of Stroller Traffic, its an awesome blog for mommy's and very popular in NYC! They did a blog on Kristyn April Designs "mommy pendants" this is sooo very exciting!! Be excited with me! yayyyyy

Vintage Royalty

So I'm sure you remember the french Macaroon collection I did, well I need to give myself props because I have done the impossible....

create a yellow nail polish that doesn't make you look dirty when you wear it. The yellow color in that collection is amazing!! It has a real vintage look and because it is not bright and gaudy it goes with just about anything! (except bright red unless you want to look like Ronald McDonald)

I'm sure you have noticed the ridiculously amazing ring that goes along with the nail polish on my hand. It reminds me of something royal with the gold and the red! Its a brass ring assembled using dye, resin, jewels and glaze.

Hope you love it!

Email me for prices

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

enjoying life

As most of you know I am in a transition period right now and I'm a bit unsure of what the future holds. To me, this feels half amazing and I also feel half scared to death. All I can do is live by the moments. This moment right now is perfect. I am sitting on my deck having coffee and fruit looking at the Mesclun lettuce I planted (that will be cut tonight and made for dinner) This is what I was looking for when I left NYC yet I find myself feeling like I am just on a much needed vacation. Sort of detoxing from everything that I went through the last 8 months I was in NYC. I do miss it though.... and it still feels like home. 
If this is not inspiration i don't know what is.....

Yesterday I was missing NYC and I thought I would create a piece that is sure to cheer anyone up! I was in the mood to do something girly, quirky and fun and I thought unicorns!

It will be on a very basic brass chain.