Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving


I hope everyone take the time today to really actually sit and think of what the are thankful for. I feel like gratitude's are such an important part of life and being happy.

I am thankful for my family. They are just amazing.

I love my brothers more then anything. They have such distinct personalities and are both the greatest guys ever. They both picked nurses for girlfriends who are beautiful, fun and super giving. I've really enjoying becoming best friends with them since I've moved home. Jim makes me laugh so much and I can always sit and have the best conversation with Steve. Their friends are my extended family.

My parents are unbelievable and the greatest role models. They are so in love and so giving to each other and everyone else. They actually took betrayal from someone and turned it into a happy story. I always knew they were good people but I don't think I realized how gigantic their hearts were till this past year. (maybe one day Ill blog about that story)

I'm obsessed with my grandparents. No one in the whole world could be more caring then my grandfather and if there is someone else in this world like that I want to find him and marry him asap. My grandmother made my childhood like a fairytale. She is so much fun and just gets a kick out of everything. She always let me explore, and be creative no matter how big of a mess I made. People say I am an exact version of her and there could be no greater compliment.

The two newest people in my immediate family are Krista and her baby Michael. Krista is so much stronger then she knows. To fight addiction, take care of a child and deal with my obsessiveness with always trying to make people better and not punching me in the face. I'm her therapist she never asked for. I love all children but with him all I have to do is look at Michael and he never fails to give me this smile that literally makes everything ok. From the first time I held him I knew he was family.

My friends are unbelievable. To be able to have people that literally have seen the worst in you and choose to love you anyway is a great feeling. A family who has a choice, who picks you. All of my friends bring out something different in me. Sometimes you want to be with someone who knows your whole life story because they were there, no explanations necessary. Other times, I just need support and someone who has a good head on their shoulders for a good conversation. Most of the time I want to be with people who will make me laugh like I'm in high school and be able to loose my ego completely and just have fun. I'm lucky to have a friend who is like a brother to me, knows my whole family and everything about me. I REALLY feel like he is someone who has my best interest at heart and there is no other motives that could be possible to make it any other way. Not everyone is born into a great family but I truly hope that everyone gets to experience this type of love.

I suppose this ended up an incredible amount more cheesy then intended, but its THANKSGIVING! If you are someone who knows me and is reading this, you know that it is not at all generic. Everything stated about the people I love is right on, this is how blessed I am to have people like that in my life.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Special Day

Happy Birthday to my best friend DANA D!!!!!! I love you a super huge amount!
D= Detail Oriented
A= Amazingly Caring
N= Nice as can be
A= Always there

Most reliable friend I've ever had. xoxoxoxo
We are going to have sooo much fun tonight and stay tuned people for fun pictures tomorrow!!

Here is a little gift to Dana (and myself) SMILE!!


I can appreciate another awesome jewlery line when I see it.
I would LOVE to have this ring. LOVE

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So much to do! I LOVE it!! Just wish I had someone here to have fun putting all this stuff together!! Kitty Kat I miss you!!

I am planning a little lipgloss gift trio! I've worked with enough people to put together something for every lip. I will have two sets- one for blue undertones and one for orange.

I am going to try to put together something super fun for Black Friday!!! Brunch (yes an excuse to have a drink before noon)and discounts...maybe a trunk show too!! How exciting!! If there is anyone who makes something super rad you think I should see and have in the store for this event email me!

Tomorrow is Wine Tasting around town in Yardley!

Wine Tasting Around Town
~a grown ups scavenger hunt~
Proceeds benefiting Hope for the Animals and Quilts for Kids.
Location: Shops throughout Yardley Borough & ending at the New Continental Tavern
Time: 6:30-9 or until you decide to go home

Register @ the face & Body spa by
Now through Nov 3rd $35
Nov 4th - 18th $45

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Short film from beauty shoot with Genevieve Burke @ Reinhard models.
Styling and beauty by Kristyn April @

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Uhhh today will be fantastic. It is incredibly beautiful outside. I met a wonderful new friend John Edward Rozier IV, a local photographer who works in between Philly, and NYC. Circumstances brought us together and it's surprising we did not meet sooner! We are going to do a beauty editorial shot today and I am super stoked. Later in the day I am going to make a cup of tea and sit down and write my goals for November. (i know I'm a little late) This should be a great month for business and I am going to learn how to be baker extraordinaire, maybe take an embellishment class and I would love to take a painting class as well! I am so grateful for people who do what they love to do because they inspire me.

O, and this is on my dream board for today-
One day I will have this bed in a room with windows like that and maybe for Christmas I will get the duvet cover from Anthropologie (hint, hint)
note to self: make a dream board

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rock around the clock

I think I shoud of been born in this era....

SO Im obsessedly sitting here looking at everything 50's. I Inspired myself to make a red that is super wearable on almost anyone. I want to give myself a challenge, and Im the best person for this because I am the girl who just does NOT look good in any red.

...2 hours later and I think I did it!

It is SUPER sheer but wears like a true red. I literally went around putting it on different people and so far it looks great on anyone! Email me for a FREE little sample if you would like to try this color! Its called MOD!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recipe for flawless skin!

1) In a small cup add 2tbsp of the perfect color mineral foundation
2) Decide on coverage and add oil free ginseng moisturizer for a beautiful tinted moisturizer or leave as is for medium coverage
3) If you have dry skin add 20 drops of your choice- Almond oil, Avocado oil, kukui oil, grape seed oil, or my personal fav, emu oil. If you are oily add matte extender
4) mix well and try on.

note: Wait 10 minutes, if your skin looks flawless and you are glowing then your foundation is ready!

Wear immediately, pop on some bronzer and go out to be seen!

Good Luck Elephant

..its not a typo that is really the price, and a steal.

I have started a gift collection.
Affordable and adorable....
Who doesn't need a little extra luck?

swarvoski crystal
20" chain

Wednesday, November 4, 2009