Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring 2011 Make-up

Well it is Spring............
..............isn't it?

For fashion this season in both accessories and make-up, think 70's. Fresh, Natural, Free, Frosted

Must have products to get these looks:

Frosty eye shadows in cotton candy colors. This look may be a little difficult to pull off but this color is not. Just add to the inner corner of your eyes, a little on your lid close to the lash line or over a black eyeliner to really make your eyes stand out! Soon to be added to the web page but if you would like sooner then EMAIL me

Highlight that your can put on your cheekbones or on your eyelids alone or on top of any color. 
B-DAZZLE (the lighter version of Eye M Glam)

Below is a pic I took after doing Makeup on a model for a shoot we did last year. B-dazzle gives the fresh face look and is also applied on her eye lids close to the lash line. I also put some in the inner corners of her eyes to freshen and look more awake!

 This season nothing should look too planned out. A pop of color on the lip and a color like Dreamy Taupe which is the perfect color to provide depth to the eye lid when applied in the crease with out adding color. It is also perfect for filling in most people's brows.

Bronze is everywhere. Particularly a bronze with a sparkling affect to make the eyes glow. I created "Snookie" for this. Its pretty much my fav thing right now.

Looks super dreamy......
Apply on the lid close to lash line, add dreamy taupe in the crease and a thin line of black liner on the top lid and you have the look! ( a little B-Dazzle on the inner corners could never hurt)

I adore this make-up tutorial that Mario (Past GIELLA artist) did. It's my favorite look right now and of course he uses Eye-m Glam and B-dazzle all over the lid and cheek bones so I love it even more!

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